This week my dad started a new habit. on days he knows I'll need to wake up early, he gently 
               knocks at my door, hands me a giant mug of freshly brewed coffee, and greets me with a 
               smile and "good morning." It's a little action, measuring an extra scoop of grounds, making an 
               extra trip up the stairs, but it has a big affect on my day. 

               I've been similarly effected by kind acquaintances. By all the established designers who're 
               giving me advice; by the art educators who proof-read my syllabi; by the amazing 
               photographer who's asked me to model for a conceptual piece; by the classmates who plan 
               inspiration retreats. And by friends. Friends who encourage my blogging, who critique my 
               résumé, who share their favorite trail-mix, who text wit and wisdom, who drive in scary cities. 

               It's been a crazy month of changing plans, high hopes, and gnawing fears. I'm so grateful for 
               all of you who've showed me that the important thing is not what I do, but how I do it. No 
               matter how busy or stressed or weary I am, I want to always be kind. 

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