blog love

                    Few things are more encouraging than a little blog love! And this afternoon I received the
                    sweetest surprise—being featured on Ez Pudewa's inspiration blog Creature Comforts as                     
                    part of her Pinterest Pros series! 
                    (the picture above is my little portion in her post)

                    I've been floored by the way my pinterest network has grown from a handful of close                     
                    friends to over a thousand followers... and I'm so happy that curating my little corner of the 
                    web is proving inspiring to others! 

                    In case you haven't scouted it out already, here's my pinterest page. Personally, I've 
                    obsessed with my for the tummy pins, but Ez's favorite (and my most popular board by far) 
                    is my collection of Swedish-inspired interiors on white and wonderful. 

                    (also, things for the wardrobe,for the envy, and for the making)  


  1. What an honor, Congratulations!

  2. That is quite exciting! I feel like bigger and better opportunities are becoming available through pinterest. Love following your boards.