boot socks

                  I've been eyeing boot socks since they started popping up on pinterest last winter,
                  but £30 for a pair of socks didn't thrill me. So I decided to do it myself.                
                  It's ridiculously simple.

                  1) Pick a sweater that just doesn't fit quite right.
                  2) Cut off the sleeves.
                  3) Fold the ends into the sleeve and try it on. Adjust so that the fold hits 1-2 inches above
                      your boot cuff.
                  4) Sew two hems: one .5-.25 inches from the fold, the other 5-6 inches below the fold.

                  And you're done!

                  Of course, if you're feeling crunched for time, you could always skip the sewing... you'll
                  just risk the socks falling down.

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