It's been a pretty big month over here.
                     I've (finally) decided that graphic design is my love and should be my job.
                     I've started freelancing.
                     I spruced up my blog. Started using my twitter.
                     Baked. Sewed.
                     And I fell in love with life again. 
                     I'm looking forward to a summer full of creative projects
                     learning web design (and coding)
                     photographing food
                     maybe even founding an Etsy shop
                     who knows? 
                     What does this mean for the blog?
                     Hopefully more posts! 
                     I'll probably share my new philosophy on social media
                     and walk you through my thesis
                     and show you the pillows I'm sewing. 
                     Do let me know if there are particular things you'd like to see,
                     because my interest in figuring things out and making them beautiful
                     is only worthwhile if it affects people.

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