glasses (?)

so. I never thought I liked glasses.  and then I decided I liked putting in contacts less.
about a month ago I stumbled across an unconventional glasses manufacturer.
who believed that glasses shouldn't cost $500.  Warby Parker.

not only do they do a nice toms-give-a-pair-get-a-pair thing,
they also design pretty stylishly.

so tonight I photoshopped five different frames over my face.
help me decide?

leave me a comment with your vote! (1, 2, 3, 4, and so on)


  1. Holy goodness. That's tough. I would definitely cut out number 1. All the rest look great! I'd say you wouldn't go wrong no matter which one you picked.

    I do personally like the shape of 2 better than 3 though. And I think I like 4 and 5 quite equally. They are both interesting. Eh, well maybe I like 4 more than 5.

    Okay, I pick number 4.... hahaha :D That's HARD!

  2. you look a lot like me when you wear glasses... weird.

    I vote...2. I like 2 and 5 the best.