I love mornings in my room.
for a brief hour the sun seeps through the curtains.
everything is fresh and golden.
and life seems happy and wholesome and strong.
this week I realized that even though I absolutely adore my room,
I have almost no pictures of it. 
so I took some.

this trunk is my favorite.  it serves absolutely no purpose. 

late last year, I grew tired of the blank wall above my desk. so I painted a couple of shutters and cabinet doors and canvases and threw them up.  the shelf is crafted from a shipping pallet (it took forever...) and normally it would hold all three of my anthro mugs. 

the pen and ink drawings are my own from last year. the pillow I sewed from an old sweater. the comforter is my favorite: subtle white stripes from Eddie Bauer.  

these days I haven't had much time for dishes... and that morning I was working on a science test. usually it's not that messy.  I swear.  

I painted my fridge with chalkboard paint.  it came with the magnets.  and I knew that they were owl eyes.  so I drew the owl for the eyes. 

I like this picture least. I still haven't perfected the balance with my winter weeds. 

and the ladder bookshelf is always everybody's favorite.  (perhaps excepting my polar bear rug. but that deserves it's own post).  collecting old books might be my favorite thing ever.  consequently, I'm several hundred dollars poorer.  and no, I have not read them all. 

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