Sara and I spent a fantastic day at the American Portrait Gallery... mostly staring at this, David Hockney's Snails Space With Vari-Lites. As you'll see below, the colors change pretty dramatically.  The plaque claimed the lights cycled on a 9-minute loop, but Sara and I could swear that it didn't repeat during the 20-30 minutes we spent staring at it. 

Our second favorite part was eating lunch in the atrium. Soft, filtered, cross-tressed ceilings; flat, shallow fountains; relaxed, dappled olive trees.  Tuna sandwiches, oranges, cheese sticks, and Trader Joe's milk chocolate (arguably the best on earth). 

And then home.  I love the metro.  the sleek lines.  and understated lighting.

and, of course, the overhead walkways.  watching the people walking, unconscious of the personality of their gait.  the shadows at sunset.  going home.

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  1. This was a great post. I think you really captured some fantastic moments of your experience. I went to the Portrait Gallery late last year and had a great time in the Hockney room. I remember how much I liked the changing lights that revealed something that was not there before and thought about the analog aspect of the way things change. A really great piece if I do say so.