at least, I think I love sewing.  with our sewing machine I can never be sure...  just after it breaches my steep wall of distrust and lulls me into a friendly confidence it laughs that evil sewing machine laugh and scrambles my stitches.  but today it behaved.

what I really loved about sewing tonight was the fact that I
a) conquered my fear long enough to start
b) actually did something I planned to do (!!!)
c) am making something!

not sure if it will turn out as planned.  but hey.  these days I'm grateful for remembering to lodge an amazon complaint.  the bar's not too high here.

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  1. Sew, very young woman. Sew like the wind! (That is a reference to the Three Amigos)

    But in any case, I can identify with your struggles. It's worth it to persevere. Sewing is a super handy skill.