Christmas in July

I swear, yesterday must have been the 25th, because this is the closest to Christmas in July I've ever come!   Yesterday I came home to four big amazon boxes on my doorstep - two with half a dozen textbooks (which is okay because they're all children's stories), one with a cushy mattress pad, and the last with my very own crock-pot!  Oh but that's not all!  I came home with two full shopping bags!  One from Old Navy where I used my groupon (which was about to expire) and got $45's worth of clothes for $25 (which only felt like $5 since I'd already paid the 20) (more on this later), and the other from H&M with a dress for an upcoming wedding!
I think I've spent $200 in the past week.  And with all the things for my dorm piling up in my room, I sometimes wonder if this is what getting wedding presents feels like.  Except, of course, that I paid for all of them... But.  It's all good.  Because I also got a raise.  Oh yes.  This July has been very Christmassy.

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